Born in Portugal with an old name and commercial designation, it has its headquarters in Vilamoura - Algarve, the largest marina in Portugal. Its founder Carlos Sousa, a professional Dakar Rally driver, specialist in Rallyraid and off-road racing, passionate about Yachting & Lifestyle for more than 25 years, developed his career in the nautical sector in Portugal and in European countries.

We changed our name to INN YACHTS and we worked on the amplification and diversification of services, client portfolio and brands.


YEAR 2012

We arrived in South America in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, the city where the most important maritime cargo port in the country is located and one of the most competitive in Latin America, under the commercial name of Primeyates. Dedicated to the provision of services for the sale of luxury yachts, administration, maintenance and specialized mechanic services, in addition to managing and coordinating the rental of boats and nautical experiences thanks to our experienced team.

YEARS 2020 & 2021

SAll operations in Portugal and Colombia are centralized under the name of INN YACHTS, we expand and structure our services opening the business lines INN SALES, INN SERVICES & INN CHARTER, we strengthen our technology and processes, we train and expand our human capital and We consolidate strategic business alliances with top quality service providers.


We are specialists in yacht brokerage, administration, maintenance and commercial consultancy services for boats and the design of luxury tourist experiences.


Sale of new and used packaging


Commercial assistance services, administration, and specialized mechanics of boats.


Creators of luxury experiences. Boat and real estate rental, supply of personnel, catering services and events.


Corporate bases


Offer a personalized and high-quality service through knowledge of the needs and desires of our clients, in order to provide timely and efficient attention, sustainable in the short and long term, providing services with wide coverage in each of our lines of business, managing to exceed your expectations.


To become in 2025 a nationally recognized company, for the trust and security offered to our clients, ensuring positive experiences and promoting an environment of good relationships and satisfaction.

Our organization is supported and sustained by the values that guide all our decisions and actions.

Our sense of responsibility drives the promise of service to our customers and suppliers.

Our clients are our friends, building that relationship from the first contact speaks of the commitment we have with each one of them.

Always committed to the sincerity and opportunity of information with all our stakeholders.

Taking care of and managing our time and that of our clients we design correct and timely solutions.

When a problem appears, we seek and present solutions that allow us to achieve our objectives efficiently and effectively.

Welcome aboard!